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Nice product with amazing features and great support!

I am very satisfied so far with my decision to go for the Tier5 package from Answerly. In my search for a chatbot provider, I looked at various options, from cheap to very expensive, but for this price, Answerly is unparalleled! The unique features of an iframe embed in the chat and real-time website crawling are very nice additions.

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It replaced all the others...

I switched to Answerly about 6 months ago from other providers. Pleased with Facepop, I expected great integration and options... and got it! I now use Answerly as my chat and AI version on my main site, online training LMS, and app. It’s trained with its own knowledge bases and is over 90% accurate, providing the right info in video, images, text, or PDFs. On the rare occasion it's not spot on, it's easy to update and refine the answers.

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My Experience with Answerly: Just Love it!

As an early adopter of the Answerly AI-powered live chat widget, I've been impressed with its capabilities. The platform is promising, especially with its rapid response times, crucial for customer satisfaction. The setup was straightforward, and the support team was remarkable—resolving issues in less than an hour. This efficient support enhances the overall user experience.

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Great Application and Great Team!

Bought answerly the first time around. It has only been a pleasure to work with, and there support team is unbelievably amazing. I wish I could give this 10 TACOS! For one: go check out their support forum, look at how active the users are. Then look at how all their questions are being responded to in a 'timely manner'! For two: The UI and overall interface has only been a pleasure to work with. If you're a consumer using this for yourself it's completely flawless if you don't need live chat as well.

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Wow Five Tacos for Sure...

Rarely would I use the word gorgeous to describe an interface, Answerly is just that. What really impressed me is the real time data collection. Answerly is going for many to be the one that got away. I stacked 5 tiers there isnt one client I know that won't jump on this. Amazing.

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After using Answerly for the past month, with some help from Fatos fixing a problem, I am thrilled with this chatbot. Other chatbots I’ve tried were not intuitive, slowed my website, were hard to train, and lacked features. After training Answerly on my website, customer reviews, and other items, it’s doing an amazing job in my sales funnel. I have zero complaints and am excited to see its impact on my business!

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Drag and Drop editor

Easily craft stunning popups with Popup Hero's user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Explore a versatile selection of over 23 customizable blocks, including headlines, buttons, videos, maps, and more.

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Lots of Integrations

With Popup Hero, seamlessly integrate your popups with your preferred tools for effortless email collection and seamless integration of interactive elements.

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AI Copy Writer

Experience relief from writer's block with Popup Hero's AI Copy Writer. Bid farewell to tedious research and writing marathons, and welcome swift, effortless, and impactful copy creation.

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Target Visitors

Elevate your popup game with Popup Hero's intuitive design interface.

Streamline your workflow by focusing your efforts on high-performing popups, ensuring maximum efficiency and conversion rates.

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Usage Reports & Data

With Popup Hero's Performance Reports, you can see how many times your popups have been displayed, how many conversions they've generated, and much more.

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